Best Practices of the Best Companies: Cultural Practices Report

This extensive report provides a comprehensive picture of the practices that the 2015″100 Best” and 2014 “Best Small & Medium” companies in the U.S.A. utilize to create their renowned great workplaces. Find out what kind of impact their investment in creating great workplaces has had on their businesses and what it takes for the programs they choose to be successful. Compare your company’s policies against those of the best, and get specific ideas for practices you can adapt to fit your own workplace.

Best Practices

Presented within the framework of the Great Place to Work® Model©.
300 practices to choose from, selected from thousands submitted by the Best Companies as part of their list applications.
Wide variety of industries and practices represented.
Fully indexed and searchable by company, number of employees, industry, and type of practice.

Case Studies

Wegmans Food Markets (#1 on 2015″100 Best” list, Supermarket Chain): In the words of Robert Wegman, Chairman of Wegmans Food Markets, “No matter how much we invest in our employees, they give us more in return.”

Acuity (#1 Medium Company 2014, Mutual Insurance): How has this insurance company conveyed its genuine appreciation of employees’ work and ensured that their gifts have a meaningful impact on employees’ lives?

Analytical Graphics (#1 Small Company 2014, Software): AGI has never lost a key employee. Find out how they developed a training and development program that contributes to 2% turnover at this software company.

PLUS: Learn from 2015 Great Place to Work® Award winners : Starbucks Corporation, FedEx Corporation, Griffin Hospital and Hot Topic.

2015 Benchmarks

Compare your company’s healthcare coverage, perks, and more to the policies and practices of FORTUNE’s 2015 “100 Best Companies to Work for”® in America.

A Searchable Guide to 300 of the Best Workplace Practices of FORTUNE’s 2005 “100 Best Companies to Work for”® in America and SHRM’s 2004 “Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America”

Price: US$399

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The Great Place to Work® Institute pursues research programs that provide valuable information for those people and organisations interested in the process of creating and sustaining a great workplace, The following represent some of the principal resources we have available for the public or for use with our clients.

The Best People Practices© Database

The Institute has compiled a database of Best People Practices© that contains nearly 1,000 examples of progressive people practices developed and implemented in great companies. These practices have been collected from the data we receive while assessing “The Best Workplaces in Europe,” “The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America,” and the best workplaces in other countries around the world. This material is supplemented by an extensive database compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor, and on-going research from newspapers, magazines, conferences and trade publications. We share practices from this database with clients through our reports, presentations and work-shops, and with the public through our public speaking activities.

Best People Practices© provide examples of practical ways in which companies further the development of Trust, Pride and Camaraderie in their workplaces. Considering a variety of practices prior to taking action can lead to thought-provoking discussions about how to create a great workplace within one’s own organisation.

The 100 Best and Trust Index benchmarks

These two benchmarks present the most accurate representation of the level of trust that can be created in great workplaces, and in workplaces that are on the path to becoming great. These benchmarks present the average of the positive responses to the Trust Index© employee survey for employees of the “100 Best Workplaces in Europe”, and for employees of the top third of the Institute’s consulting clients.

Companies who use our Trust Index© survey or purchase our Customized Benchmark Report can compare their employee responses to these distinct benchmarks thereby helping them to clearly see the strengths to build on and opportunities for improvement within their own organisation.

Nomination Process

To qualify for any of the European lists of Best Workplaces, your organisation must have a minimum of 50 full- and part-time employees in the country where nomination is made. Any organisation publicly quoted, privately held, non-profit, or governmental agency can participate.

The candidates for the European List of 100 Best Workplaces are selected at the national level. Candidates who appear on one of the National Best Workplace Lists will automatically be considered for the European 100 Best Workplaces List.

Nominations for any of the European “Best Workplaces” lists are accepted at any time. However, to be considered for the following year’s lists of Best Workplaces in Europe, nominations must be received according to the deadlines of national lists.

An organisation cannot participate when it is going through a significant merger or acquisition adding 25% or more to its full- and part-time employees in the country.

A Multinational company can appear on the European List as a multinational if at least two of its national subsidiaries appear on a national list and more than 50% of the company’s employees throughout Europe are subject to the random employee survey sampling.

In order for an organisation to be considered, we require the consent of the organisation’s leadership. After we receive your nomination(s), we will contact you if we have any further questions or to notify you if your company has been accepted as a candidate.

We ask each organisation to do the following as part of the evaluation:

Contact the Great Place to Work® Institute affiliate in your country or send an email to to let us know that your organisation is interested in participation. Great Place to Work® Institute Europe can help coordinate participation in several countries. Please also provide us with a contact name and information for your organisation in the country or countries where you would like to participate.
Per our guidelines, distribute an employee attitude survey (Great Place to Work® Trust Index©) to between 50 and 250 randomly selected employees in each of the countries where you participate. The survey takes employees about 15 minutes to complete, and employees return it to us in a postage-paid envelope (or may complete the survey online).
Complete the Great Place to Work® Culture Audit©; this instrument asks for organisational data as well as responses to open-ended questions about the firm’s workplace practices, philosophy, and work environment.